Our Story

With elements of Asian cuisine complementing our specialities, Yassin Kampung Seafood strives to capture the essence of our authentic Singaporean cuisine through our succulent delights, serving as a call back the origins of Singaporean culture.

A restaurant immersed in the rich history of Singapore’s past, Yassin Kampung Seafood takes you back to simpler times with its nostalgic flair, utilizing elements in its decor traditionally found in the early kampung days of Singapore as it instils a cosy and familiar feeling for families to dine in.

With our rustic atap roofs and vintage wooden theme, our restaurant prides on capturing the “gotong royong” and “kampong spirit” of earlier generations as our staff works faithfully and selflessly to bring you only the best we can offer.

First established in 2002, Yassin Kampung Seafood has served as a popular destination for locals in the northern region of Singapore as well as travellers passing through the Causeway for its family oriented environment and affordable prices.

Today Yassin Kampung has expanded strategically across the nation thanks to its loyal base of customers that we have garnered over the years. With currently four outlets located in Clementi, Bedok, Admiralty & Woodlands, we will continue to shine as a Singaporean restaurant serving delicious halal delicacies for everyone.

Our Chef

Muhammad Yassin Ng is a Chinese Muslim and Head Chef of Yassin Kampung Seafood with over 30 years of experience in the culinary industry. Having opened his first seafood stall when he was only 28 years old, Yassin’s dedication to making his customers smile has always been his priority.

Passionate & resilient, Yassin’s humble beginnings started in Mount Elizabeth Hospital as a waiter in his family’s café. Fuelled by his interest in the culinary industry, he soon found himself working his way to the kitchen at the age of 23.

A determined and hardworking yet soft-spoken individual, Yassin has faced challenges throughout his career, starting with his transition to the kitchen from his time as a waiter. As the youngest among the staff, he fought long and hard in his journey to earn the respect of his seniors in the heated environment of the café’s kitchen, learning through grit and determination to hone his skills in the kitchen.

Fuelling the chef’s desire to excel and improve in his trade, his experiences provided him opportunities to explore various cuisines including Chicken Rice, Yong Tau Fu, Claypot Delight & Economic Rice which contributed to the knowledge and skill he has today.

By perfecting his craft throughout his years in the industry and experimenting with creative flavours and dishes to satisfy his customers, Yassin’s take on the Chilli Crab, Crispy Oat Prawn & Butter Milk Salted Egg Yolk Chicken are among a few of his beloved dishes his customers can experience at Yassin Kampung Seafood.

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