676 Woodlands Drive 71 #01-03, Singapore 730676

Authentic Kampung Specialties

A dimly-lit interior coupled with the throwback to a rustic kampung village greets you as Yassin welcomes you to experience a cuisine sourced with only the finest & rarest ingredients which promises an exquisite experience you will never forget. Serving a wide range of dishes including fish, crabs, prawns, beef, chicken, egg & vegetables, you too will be able to choose how you’d like them cooked - perfect isn't it? At Yassin’s, there is sure to be something for everyone.

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676 Woodlands Drive 71 #01-03, Singapore 730676

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Set Menu

Great value for the family. Greater variety for the whole kampung! Our set menus are tailored based on the response to our most popular dishes enjoyed by our customers. Check it out for a variety of iconic dishes “bungkus” as a set to whet the appetite of your whole kampung!



With our trusty sampans & fishing nets, Yassin serves only freshly caught fish & crabs as well as a variety of seafood which we specialize in. Unforgettable local classics such as the Chilli Crab is sure to hook you with its sweet yet savory taste. Watch as we reel you in with an assortment of other seafood dishes such as BBQ Sambal Stingray & our deliciously Crispy Oat Prawn.


Meat & Poultry

Feel right at home with familiar & exciting new delicacies made famous by Yassin. We serve an extensive variety of meat & poultry dishes such as our sizzling Black Pepper Beef & the unmistakably signature Buttermilk with Salted Egg Yolk Chicken as well as a variety of specialty dishes which will keep the entire kampung coming back for more.



Our competitors will be left green with envy as we whip up a carefully curated list of Asian cuisines’ most tantalizing vegetable dishes that range from hot & spicy to the mellow & soothing. Our greens complement the quality assured dishes Yassin serves with recognizable icons including Sambal Kang Kong & our Hotplate Bean Curd.


Rices & Noodles

The staple of every good meal, Yassin offers a variety of rice & noodle dishes inspired by Asian cuisine which has left our customers with smiles over the past 15 years! Indulge in a traditional Kampung Fried Rice or feast upon a spicy serving of Mee Goreng Kampung as well as a variety of kampung classics. At Yassin, there is always something for everyone.


Drinks & Dessert

Sweet, savory & refreshing. Explore a comprehensive list of homemade drinks which will quench your thirst after savoring Yassin’s succulent delights. Take it a step further with some of our yummy desserts such as the cooling Thai Coconut Ice Cream or some vintage Ice Kacang for a perfect finish to the Yassin Kampung Seafood experience.


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